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NO one had to wait too long in the queue when Spring Festival rail tickets went on sale yesterday, but many routes sold out quickly.

More than 2,000 people turned up at Shanghai Railway Station when the 200 ticket booths opened, but some would-be travelers, even when they were first in line, found that the tickets they wanted had already been sold.

More ticket booths and more means to get tickets, such as a hotline and automatic machines, meant that the available stock of tickets sold out quickly, railway authorities said.

This year there are 728 booths citywide, a 54 percent jump over last year's 473 and people are allowed to buy a maximum of five tickets each.

Passenger volume during the 40-day Spring Festival rush is also expected to increase with an estimated 6.48 million leaving from the city's two railway stations, an 8.5 percent rise over last year. The rush begins on January 30.

Limited train capacity and a shortage of tickets have always been two things that have led to complaints from potential passengers.

Shanghai Railway Bureau, which covers train services in Shanghai and nearby Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, said yesterday that all tickets will be sold via the booth networks or by telephone and there would be no special arrangements for rail staff.

Any rail staff found hoarding tickets or selling them to scalpers would be fired.

Officials also said 1,023 trains would be in use this year, a 10.8 percent rise on last year's 923. Temporary trains and extra carriages would be added as necessary.

Yesterday, the bullet train tickets were among the first to be sold out. Direct services to cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuzhou and Shenyang were popular, with tickets running out within half an hour after the booths opened.

1. Oral pathologists study the nature, cause and development of diseases associated with mouth.

Current salary: $188,577
Last year: $159,759
Percent increase: 6.83

2. Social medical researchers conduct research for use in understanding social problems and for planning and carrying out social welfare programs.

Current salary: $80,151
Last year: $68,480
Increase: 6.65

3. Pharmacologists conduct experiments to determine how drugs and other substances affect organ and tissues.

Current salary: $99,370
Last year: $90,012
Percent increase: 5.35

4. Toxicologists research the toxic effects products and ingredients have on living organisms.

Current salary: $70,273
Last year: $63,655
Percent increase: 5.35

5. Vocational training teachers teach personal, social and professional skills that meet the needs, interest and abilities of disabled students. 残疾人职业教育培训师:为残疾人教授符合个人条件、兴趣和能力的个人、社会、职业发展技能
Current salary: $57,401
Last year: $52,982
Percent increase: 4.93

6. Academic deans develop academic policies and programs for college or universities, as well as scheduling courses and making course recommendations for students.
Current salary: $100,771
Last year: $93,126
Percent increase: 4.9

7. Social psychologists diagnose and treat mental disorders; learning disabilities; and cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems using different types of therapies.
Current salary: $85, 766
Last year: $79,272
Percent increase: 4.9

8. Early childhood development teachers use activities to promote social, physical and intellectual growth for children in child development facilities.

Current salary: $37,072
Last year: $34,418
Percent increase: 4.8

9. Insurance sales agents sell insurance of all kinds to new, prospective and current clients.
Current salary: $52,743
Last year: $49,121
Percent increase: 4.73

10. Credit representatives investigate customer complaints about service, billing or credit rating. They determine the accuracy of customer complaints and the company's responsibility for errors.

Current salary: $45,875
Last year: $43,092
Percent increase: 4.53


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